Total Infection Control

Total Infection Control


Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) can occur in any environment and affect any person within it.

The World Health Organisation promotes an Infection and Prevention Control programme to prevent instances of HAI¹. ­


PharmaDesign’s Total Infection Control provides a complete system that removes and kills pathogenic organisms in surgeries, clinics, hospitals and healthcare environments. Total Infection Control has been designed to support the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare².


The Total Infection Control System:


• Has neutral pH and non-ionic cleaning that is safe to use on synthetic and leather surfaces.

• Kills 99.999% of germs in 10 seconds.

• Allows rapid, streak free disinfection.





Hand hygiene has a principal role in supporting Infection Control and combatting Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR). The World Health Organisation promotes good hand hygiene as a key prevention

method of  cross-infections³.


PharmaDesign’s Handicare range provides a complete system to achieve clinical hand hygiene through:


Cleaning with completely biodegrable ingredients that are fragrance, colour, paraben and residual free.

• Protecting against drying and chemical irritation that can lead to skin complaints.

• Rejuvenating and repairing hands through a soothing and nourishing moisturiser.

• Providing an active response sanitiser to address the risk of infection.


Total Oral Care

Total Oral Care


PharmaDesign’s Total Oral Care provides innovative solutions to common dental problems. The focus of Total Oral Care is to provide easy-to-use products to prevent and protect against dental problems.


This is achieved through:


• World-leading consumer tools to improve daily oral care at home.

• Simple formats for Dentists to perform clean and polish treatments.

• Alcohol-free concentrates for pre, post and in-treatment cleansing.





Endodontics is a dental profession that specialises in the treatment, repair and saving of teeth. PharmaDesign’s Endosure range has been specifically designed for Endodontists so that they can perform precise and efficient operations.


Endosure range provides a suite of materials and solutions for the Endodontist in a range of formats to support the specialised Endodontic treatments.


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